The Oxford Club’s Private Wealth Seminar | Ojai, California | July 15-16, 2013

"I am learning so very much in your webinars and am beginning to relax some about managing my IRA." -E

“I am learning so very much in your webinars and am beginning to relax some about managing my IRA.” -E

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, April 9th, Dr. Scott Brown a.k.a. Doc Brown will be speaking in Ojai, California on Monday and Tuesday on July 15th and 16th in the Southern California opulence of the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa.

Scott will reveal never-before-seen strategies to cut you losers and let you winners run. You will also discover the 7 leading problems that cause investment newsletter subscribers to fail. Detailed solutions to your trading problems here…

If you have ever really wanted to master your financial future this event is for you. This is a small and intimate meeting of the minds.

Doc Brown will cover the mechanics of stop-loss placement that will allow you to trim your initial risk from 25% or 50% to as little as 5%. His unique focus of protecting what you have allows you to simply let the profits work out for themselves.
Most importantly you will learn that most of the time you need to nothing to build wealth in the financial markets!

“For the first time, we’ll unveil our 25-point master plan for building an eight-figure nest egg… with little risk” —Oxford Club Investment Director Alexander Green

There’s a buzz about Doc Brown’s teachings…

“I first read the book of Nicholas Darvas about 25 years ago. My knowledge and experience on trading were very limited at that time. So I considered his book as another trader’s success story, not grasping his vision, concepts and rules on trading.In the mid-90s, I had an opportunity to experiment a software using the Darvas boxes to handle stocks trades. I then realized I missed something very important on Darvas approach. This initiated a round of several re-readings of the book in order to comprehend his trading process. I finally understood that it was a genuine approach starting with a choice of stocks moving for specific reasons, then a procedure to follow the trend at best associated with a strict trade risk management technique. This has started an important transformation in my own trading vision, progressively integrating almost all these concepts in my approach and looking for mentors with a similar vision as Darvas. All these concepts and rules are not immediately clear at the first reading of the book. Reading between the lines, carefully following and analyzing the examples are necessary. This is where the work by Dr. Scott Brown is highly valuable. He makes a deep description of Darvas philosophy, concepts and rules. He reviews each chapter, explains in details all the aspects of Darvas approach, making them clear and immediately applicable. Moreover, he proves the effectiveness of the method by applying it in real time, each week, to a real trading account in front of a group of people. This is rock solid. The format Dr. Scott brown uses is also very comfortable : videos, audios, texts, facilitating learning by all. I wish I had that educative work 20 years earlier. It would have saved me many years in learning how to trade efficiently. I rarely endorse someone else’s work, but I make an exception here, warmly recommending it. It’s an absolute must watching, or reading and applying for every trader who wants to take his/her own responsibility in his/her trades r investments.” — Eusebio Nanni, full time Forex trader, trading teacher and coach, Belgium/France