The Jimmy Buffett Lifestyle Award 2017

​I live in Puerto Rico and pride myself in getting out on the water.  Especially so as a local in an otherwise freezing stateside winter.

Yesterday was sailing with Captain Carlos, Annie, Richard, and Lea.

Carlos Vilá is finishing his last semester of law school at the University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras.  He finished his finance MBA with us in the business school.  He is also an alumni of MIT from the electrical engineering program.

Carlos is trained in sailing and is an excellent captain.

Richard Owens is a highly respected Cornell trained derivatives specialist.  Liya Jelil is an interior designer visiting from Kiev in the Ukraine. Annie Mustafá is a respected Puerto Rican business professional who like Carlos finished her MBA with us.​

The day was perfect for sailing.

But, the rope that pulls the main sail through the top of the mast slipped out when Carlos and Richard attempted to unfurl.

Annie volunteered to be hoisted to the top.  None of us men had the courage to ascend 45 feet above.

I explained to Annie that she was going to have to the make sure that she kept her arm around the mast. In case anything snapped she could slide down the pole.

Richard and Carlos tugged on the rope that went through the aluminum mast and out through a pulley at the top. Liya began to shoot photos with her trained eye.

I belayed from below.

This is an alpine technique where I run the rope under my back and use my legs and body weight to brake or hoist Annie as she moves up or down the mast. I shoutbelay on” when we start and “belay off” when done as part of the procedure.

Even with two men pulling the arm strength is not enough to safely brake a dangerous fall.  Somebody had to be on belay.

Annie fearlessly worked to the top of the mast.

A group of catamarans in the area filmed.

 A group of snorkelers from the Salty Dog Catamaran​ anchored nearby cheered when Annie finished. ​

Exhausted I exclaimed, “I think Annie won the Boricua Jimmy Buffet Lifestyle Award!”

End of the old and beginning of the new … happy 2017! -Doc “Bad Buddha” Brown