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Bullet-Proof Brand Affiliate Program

Bullet-Proof Brand Affiliate Program

Here Is How You Will Make Money As A Bullet-Proof Brand Affiliate

Facts & Metrics From Recent In-house Lists

  • Very cold, 5 year old, in-house email op-in lists produced $75.92 per thousand subscribers in our recent launch. This equates to a $7,592 payday for a 100,000 member email list. 
  • Dr. Brown’s sales webinar converted to hard cold cash at the astounding rate of 56.25%.
  • You will be paid by ClickBank. Your commission is guaranteed by ClickBank. Founded in 1998, ClickBank has never missed a payment.
  • Internet marketer and founder of Gecko Software CEO Lan Turner says, “I have been working with Doc Brown for a number of years. His professional level and expertise in his field of interest has always been exemplary. His statistical analysis of his performance is spot on. His clients are well trained. He is easy to work with. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Doc Brown is fortunate to do so.” 
  • Internet marketer and founder of RealFastWebinars.com CEO Daniel Hall, JD says, “I looked at Dr. Brown’s funnel and it’s been highly tuned to be profitable even with a cold list.”
  • PDF Version of This Report HERE.

These facts and metrics presented here are supported below…

Executive Summary

Our Mission is to empower retail investors through financial education. Doc Brown’s Trading University strives to produce independent thinkers who are competent in the complex, convoluted, and otherwise confusing process of managing invested savings into a secure retirement.”

Historical results indicate that our program generates $75.92 per thousand subscribers on your list. An email list with one hundred thousand subscribers can expect $7,592 in revenue on our first of three levels of ClickBank products. You will be paid by ClickBank. ClickBank has not missed a payment since inception in 1998.

Marketing Funnel

Our current marketing funnel consists of 10 products. The first is a free course that acts as the front-end of our funnel. This feeds subscribers into paid courses designed around 3 curriculum tracks in stocks, futures and forex. Each curriculum track has a basic, intermediate, and advanced course priced at $29.97, $49.97, and $99.97 respectively.

Sales Emails and Sales Webinars

All emails are written using the SOS/ PLS approach of Chaperon (2012). All sales materials are written via the Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (A-I-D-A) model of Tonwsend (1924); 12-Step Foolproof Sales Letter Formula of Frey (2009); and sales webinar methodology of Hall (2012).

Shopping Cart Tracking

We use Click-Bank as a third party shopping cart for products under $99. In this case all payments are processed externally by Click-Bank. All products over $99 are processed via Nanacast where affiliate payments are processed by us. Both Click-Bank and Nanacast are the online industry standard for 3rd party affiliate tracking.

Commission Splits

We currently offer 50% commission splits on all of our Click-Bank products. Expected gross revenue to you per sale of our $29.97 product is $14.99, $24.99 for our $49.97 product, and $49.99 for our $99.97 product.

Historical Results

Our internal case studies suggest a 2.90% opt-in rate into our front-end free course via 3 pre-written email invitations. Our conversion to sales is 56.25% for those subscribers who attend Doc Brown’s live sales webinar.

Marketing Funnel

“The salesman should visualize his whole problem of developing the sales steps as the forcing by compression of a broad and general concept of facts through a funnel which produces the specific and favorable consideration of one fact. The process is continually from the general to the specific, and the visualizing of the funnel has helped many salesmen to lead a costumer from Attention to Interest, and beyond.” -William W. Townsend (1924).

Our marketing funnel encompasses a menu of information products spanning the three most commonly traded major areas of retail investing. The funnel starts with a free stock trading course based on the momentum methodology of Nicolas Darvas (1959). The first group of paid courses involves stock investing. This also includes stock options as a sub-area. The second series of information products covers futures trading. A sub-topic teaches futures option trading. The third group of information products teaches currency trading.

Free Course: “How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market!”

This free course is programmed to automatically enroll your email subscribers (1) into a valuable multi-media learning experience (2) into the main SOS email sequences (See “Sales Emails and Webinars” section below) and (3) into a live sales webinar delivered by Dr. Brown himself. The name of the course acts as a corporate “tagline.” It is a positioning statement that allows us to talk directly to just the people we want to reach.

Our positioning statement to your subscribers is, “How I made $2,000,000 in the stock market!” This says, “Do you want to become rich trading stocks? Come learn here from Doc Brown.”

Our positioning statement packaged as a free course allows us to:

  1. Laser-focus on our target market of retail investors seeking financial education and empowerment.
  2. Filter out the subscribers on your list we don’t want who would refund anyway.
  3. Differentiate our product line.

The typical internet marketer thinks obsessively about the front end sale. They want fast cash.

We ignore the front end sale for the first few weeks when your subscriber is getting to know us. Our real assets are subscribers who enter our system and become loyal customers who trust Dr. Brown and his educational curriculum.

An additional enticement we offer you subscribers is the opportunity to enter into our periodic sweepstakes we hold throughout the year. We give away HD KindleFires worth $199 at least twice a year.

The winner is physically shipped the product directly from Amazon.com. This (1) increases the interactivity of our free course and (2) gives your subscribers additional value before they are sold anything.

See Sweepstakes section of http://courseinstocktrading.com.

All of our paid products are designed to lift your subscriber to new, ever increasing, levels of competency in managing family wealth. Our current menu of products is organized by theme (stocks, futures, forex) and by level (basic, intermediate, and advanced).

Paid Course Level 1: Bullet-Proof Investing Stocks

This innovative course on stock investing is an evolving collection of vital lessons from Dr. Brown himself. The program also covers stock options.

Download Syllabus HERE.

Paid Course Level 2: Bullet-Proof Investing Futures

Doc Brown started his trading career in futures. He knows how treacherous these insanely leveraged markets can be for the unwary. This program introduces your subscribers to high yield, controlled risk futures strategies designed to boost traditional returns.

Download Syllabus HERE.

Paid Course Level 3: Bullet-Proof Investing Forex

This program introduces your subscribers to the interbank foreign exchange markets. This Doc Brown course series offers a unique study of how currency can be integrated into stock, futures or mini-lot Fx trading.

Download Syllabus HERE

The table below describes our marketing funnel in terms of pricing. Refer to the “Sales Emails and Webinars Section” of this document for a detailed description of how we move your email subscriber through our marketing funnel.


Begin — How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market  Free http://courseinstocktrading.com
Level 1.  Basic Bullet-Proof Investing Stocks  $    29.97 http://bulletproofstockinvesting.com
Level 2.  Intermediate Bullet-Proof Investing Stocks  $    49.97 http://bulletproofstockinvesting.com
Level 3.  Advanced Bullet-Proof Investing Stocks  $    99.97 http://bulletproofstockinvesting.com
Level 1.  Basic Bullet-Proof Investing Futures  $    29.97 http://tradingoptionstraining.com
Level 2.  Intermediate Bullet-Proof Investing Futures  $    49.97 http://tradingoptionstraining.com
Level 3.  Advanced Bullet-Proof Investing Futures  $    99.97 http://tradingoptionstraining.com
Level 1.  Basic Bullet-Proof Investing Forex  $    29.97 http://courseincurrencytrading.com
Level 2.  Intermediate Bullet-Proof Investing Forex  $    49.97 http://courseincurrencytrading.com
Level 3.  Advanced Bullet-Proof Investing Forex  $    99.97 http://courseincurrencytrading.com

Sales Emails & Webinars

“People have to recognize your advice as a solution to a problem they feel emotionally as well as rationally. Those of you who can’t understand how somebody can’t see the “logic” of some proposition you’ve been trying to sell them on, probably are grossly missing the boat and not approaching it from the emotional context.”  – Jay L. Abraham

Our email and sales webinar strategies are about delivering real value to our target audience of retail investors and traders. We strive to build a long term relationship with likeminded individuals. This process is based on the empathy and respect we extend in every communication with our crowd.

We focus on one niche.

This means that we have a deep understanding of the majority of information products in the investment education industry desirable to our target market. This allows us to best identify the hooks that we use in our sales emails and webinars to make our products stand out.

Hooks are typically weaknesses in competitor products or something amazing in ours. This allows us to create bonuses that “fix” other product weaknesses or offer other unique “enhancements” to our curriculum.
We position our company in the minds of your email subscribers as providing extra value and bringing truly useful products to their attention. In short Dr. Brown not only lives in this market but he is also a highly respected researching academic in the field.

We don’t like refunds anymore than anybody else. Unlike many other businesses we take a “glass half full” approach to refunds. We use refunds as target market research tools.

When we incur a refund we immediately email the customer. We ask for the reason for the refund in an empathetic and respectful manner.

This offers three important benefits.

First we are able to rapidly correct weaknesses in our products. Second this information allows us to better match products to our email lists. Third this allows Dr. Brown to edit our invitation, follow-up, and product launch sequences to handle webinar sales objections before they arise.

This is time consuming but well worth the effort.

Email Sequences

We build a long term relationship with our target audience of investors and traders through (1) invitation emails (2) follow up emails and (3) product launch emails.

Invitation Emails

These are carefully pre-written messages designed to introduce your subscriber to the exciting possibilities of stock investing through a well designed long-term trend following system. There are three messages. Each builds on the prior.

There is one goal of these email invitations. We want subscribers on your list to enroll in our free course entitled “How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market” at http://courseinstocktrading.com.
This course is organized via a WordPress plugin called Wishlist Member.

More on Wishlist Member HERE.

WishList Member allows us to pass-code protect information. Students of the free course receive videos and readings that dramatically increase their understanding of stock trading. This information is based on a well defined long term trend following system documented by Nicolas Darvas in the 1950s. Dr. Brown has created a series of 3 email invitations to send to your list.

Download JV Invite Emails #1, #2, #3 HERE.

Follow-Up Emails

Dr. Brown has pre-written a series of 4 follow-up emails. These are Soap Opera Sequence (SOS) emails as taught in Andre Chaperon’s 2012 course “Auto-Responder Madness 2.0 (ARM).”

More on Auto-Responder Madness HERE.

Our soap opera sequence is an advanced follow-up sequence that “plays-out” over four weeks per each of our three curriculum tracks; (1) stocks, (2) futures, and (3) forex.

These are not emails written in isolation telling the reader to buy something. This is a major mistake many gurus make in their marketing.

Dr. Brown writes big stories with a beginning and end spanning multiple emails. Each story extends the empathy and respect that Dr. Brown shares with his students.

There are connections between each email. There is context from one email to the next spanning one month.

Each soap opera sequence produces tension and suspense through strategic delivery of content in the context of a “big picture” story.

Here is the sequence for Bullet-Proof Investing Stocks.

SOS Email 1 Link:


SOS Email 2 Link:


SOS Email 3 Link:


SOS Email 4 Link:


Product Launch Sequence (PLS) Emails

This is a series of 3 emails written by Dr. Brown that provide real value while promoting products in the Delano Max Wealth Institute marketing funnel. Our product launch sequences — spanning a few days — are much shorter than our soup opera sequences that span an entire month.

Each product launch series focuses on a single product. The intent is to entice the subscriber to attend Dr. Brown’s live sales webinar specific to that product.

PLS Email 1 Link:


PLS Email 2 Link:


PLS Email 3 Link:


Sales Webinars

Anecdotal evidence in the new field of internet marketing indicates that the sales letter has diminished in usefulness for converting email subscribers to paying customers (Hall 2012). Industry case studies indicate that sales webinars are among the most effective form of converting email prospect lists into revenue.

Dr. Brown builds dynamic sales webinars with a bottom up approach that starts with the sales letter. The foundation is the AIDA — Attention, Interest, Desire, Action — marketing model of William Townsend (1924). A 12 step template by David Frey guides this painstaking process designed to:

  1. Attention — Grab the attention of your subscribers.
  2. Problems — Identify common yet serious problems retail investors face.
  3. Solutions — Provide the solution to these problems.
  4. Credentials — Present Dr. Brown’s extensive credentials in finance and the field of investing.
  5. Benefits — Show the benefits to your subscribers of learning to invest under a skilled investor with rigorous academic training and research publications — Dr. Scott Brown.
  6. Proof — We give social proof via unsolicited messages our support staff has received from existing students regarding the high quality of the financial education we offer.
  7. Offer — A precisely pin-pointed offer to your subscribers demonstrates high value as compared to cost.
  8. Guarantee — Your subscribers receive an iron-clad 60 day full money-back guarantee that we regard as a sacred oath. We never want your subscriber to feel dissatisfied with our products. We never want your crowd to feel ripped off. We want to make our referral process easy and profitable for your firm for years to come.
  9. Scarcity — Dr. Brown injects scarcity into our offers via a “time-bomb.” Special offers are made during the webinar. These are automatically withdrawn on a stated deadline. A WordPress plug-in initiates a page redirect after a pre-specified period of time. If webinar attendees do not purchase by the deadline the offer disappears from our website. The typical length of our sales time bombs are 48 hours.
  10. Action — We give numerous calls to action throughout all our sales material; emails, sales pages, and sales webinars. There is one desired action. We seek to convince your subscribers that the best use of their hard earned money is to enroll in our investing and trading trainings and courses.
  11. Warning — Doc Brown gives a stern warning that there is a time limit on any sales offer. Any subscriber who delays will be locked out of the offer until further notice — or perhaps forever.
  12. Reminder — This is a fast two minute recap of the offer and results your subscribers can expect. This close simply reinforces Dr. Brown’s call to action, warning, guarantee, proof, and scarcity.

The production of the sales webinar begins when the sales letter has been written, edited, posted to the web, and graphically enhanced. This is accomplished be condensing each member of the sales page into PowerPoint slides that quickly convey each of the 12 points above.

In addition, Dr. Brown integrates live investment and trading trainings sandwiched into the 12 step sales process. This creates a sales webinar of high value to your subscribers who fit into our target market.
We incorporate high value bonuses that Dr. Brown gives away during the webinar. The valuable bonus is lost if your subscriber delays in enrolling into the paid program we feature.
A more sophisticated approach to the time bomb described above is that we sometimes also step up the price over time in addition to taking away our bonuses.

Download Sample Sales Webinar Here:


By orchestrating all of the marketing points we have described Dr. Brown has been able to maintain a high conversion rate of sales webinar attendees.

Shopping Cart Tracking

“…the only foundation of real business is service… A manufacturer is not through with his customer when a sale is completed. He has then only started with his customer.”
– Henry Ford.

We use two different shopping carts that allow for third party affiliate tracking. Our first shopping cart is that of ClickBank. Our second system is Nanacast. These shopping cart platforms offer the best third party affiliate tracking to date. This is very important. Dr. Brown was at an internet marketing conference in 2012 in Orlando, Florida. Two major internet marketers — Daniel Hall and Jason Fladlien — reminisced over the number of times they had been burned in promotions where they had not been paid by the publisher.

That conversation initiated Dr. Brown’s focused search to solve the very serious problem of non-payment of affiliates.


ClickBank offers a “hop” link system that allows you to promote our products using our ClickBank publisher code DBFFOA. We strongly recommend that you utilize their encrypted Hop Shield system.
The hop-link shield tracks by cookie and encryption.

This will allow you to collect commissions in the case that your subscriber erases their personal computer browser cookies. To promote our marketing funnel to your list simply follow the instructions here.



The resulting link “drops” your subscriber to the free course at the beginning of our funnel. See the section above entitled “Marketing Funnel.”

In this case we never touch your money. Click-Bank deposits your commission directly into your account. If you are not yet established with Click-Bank they will send you a check.


We do not sell products over $99 on Click-Bank.

Our back-end products are those priced in excess of $99. The shopping cart we have chosen is Nanacast. The largest internet marketers use this system due to its robust affiliate tracking. Nanacast tracks via cookie and encryption.

Your sales will be tracked in the event that your subscriber clears his or her computer browser cookies post enrollment into our program.

Our Nanacast shopping cart is plugged into PowerPay through our Wells Fargo account and underwritten by Duetsche Bank. Our chief financial officer (CFO), Marisol Negrón, supervises monthly affiliate payments by PayPal.

Nanacast promotions require that you send a separate email blast to your list. This tags them with our Nanacast code.

Make sure you add your company to our master list. Send an email to support ‘@’ ffosupport.com with the subject “ADD US TO AFFILIATE LIST.”
When we release upcoming backend products we will inform our affiliate master list with promotional instructions.

Commission Splits

“But let money work for you, and you have the most devoted servant in the world…. There is nothing animate or inanimate that will work so faithfully as money when placed at interest, well secured. It works night and day, and in wet or dry weather.”
– P.T. Barnum, America’s Greatest Showman

As a general rule we offer a 50% split on our click-bank products. These are products under $99. For our higher priced back end products our commission split varies by (1) price and (2) the intensity of ongoing labor required to maintain the information product.


The table below describes gross revenue per sale of each of our information products.






Per 100 Sales*

Level 0.  How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market





Level 1.  Basic Bullet-Proof Investing Stocks





Level 2.  Intermediate Bullet-Proof Investing Stocks





Level 3.  Advanced Bullet-Proof Investing Stocks





Level 1.  Basic Bullet-Proof Investing Futures





Level 2.  Intermediate Bullet-Proof Investing Futures





Level 3.  Advanced Bullet-Proof Investing Futures





Level 1.  Basic Bullet-Proof Investing Forex





Level 2.  Intermediate Bullet-Proof Investing Forex





Level 3.  Advanced Bullet-Proof Investing Forex





*The actual amount you receive may vary slightly. Please refer to Click-Bank’s payment policy here: https://support.clickbank.com/entries/22821563-Paychecks
As we release upcoming products we will revise this affiliate document.

Historical Results

“When your company sets quotas, set yourself a still bigger quota. Always assume they have set their estimates of the business in your district too low.”
– Thomas J. Watson, Founder of IBM

Our historical results are gathered and calculated through a simple arithmetic process. We first measure how many subscribers enter our follow-up sequence through our free course entitled “How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market!” Secondly we measure earned revenue in total and by commission split. Finally we divide the revenue by the number of new subscribers in the follow-up email system to arrive at an estimated dollar value per your subscriber in our system.

Value Per Subscriber (VPS)= (Total Revenue)/(Total Suscribers)

Case Studies

We have promoted our products to our internal list to arrive at data to help you create a pro-forma estimate of expected sales.

Front-End Conversion to Free Course

We performed a test to our internal list of 1,860 subscribers. This list was closed 3 years ago when we switched from using the auto-responder in our KickStartCart account to AWeber Communications. Three lists total about 1,860 subscribers. We have beaten the list to death over time. Hence this is a very old and very cold list.
We achieved a conversion rate of 2.90% from the list into the free course membership.

Email Title Date Sent Opt-in %  Optin
[Steps] How I Made Two Million in Stocks (Email 1 of 3) 1/24/2013          1,868 10 0.54%
[Sweepstakes] Win A Kindle  + Stock Course (Email 2 of 3) 1/27/2013          1,860 24 1.29%
[Webinar] What Really Works In Stocks… (Email 3 of 3) 1/22/2013          1,885 20 1.06%
TOTAL          1,860 54 2.90%

Back-End Conversion to Paid Course

A test sales webinar was implemented by Dr. Brown to convert free course subscribers into our paid Bullet-Proof Stock Investing course.

Webinar Statistics – March 31st, 2013

Product  Net Revenue Transactions Attendees Conversion VPWA*
Total BPSI  $  1,469.66 18 32 56.25%  $45.93
Basic BPSI  $        53.44 2 32 6.25%
Intermediate BPSI  $        45.22 1 32 3.13%
Advanced BPSI  $  1,372.05 15 32 46.88%
* VPWA – Value Per Webinar Attendee

The webinar generated $1,469.66 in total revenue. This equated to $45.93 in revenue per webinar attendee.

The event was attended by 32 people of whom 18 (56.25%) enrolled. The majority, 83.33% selected the advanced course generating $91.47 in net revenue per transaction. The intermediate course was selected by 5.56% of attendees generating $45.22 per enrollment. The basic program was chosen by 11.11% of webinar participants producing $26.72 per sale.

Value Per List Subscriber – Webinar – March 31st, 2013

VPWA Signups VPWS* D2M Signups DMWI List Ratio $ DMWI DMWI List Size VPLS*
 $45.93 281  $5.23 54 19.22%  $282.43            1,860  $0.0759
* VPWS – Value Per Webinar Subscriber, VPLS –  Value Per List Subscriber

The webinar had been filled by prior promotions to our list. Just 52, 19.2% out of 281 webinar signups were directly attributable to the three list blasts described at the beginning of this section. The pro-forma value per each subscriber on your list is 7.59¢ after adjusting for our 50% commission split on ClickBank.

The table below shows projected revenue on a sliding scale.

Pro-Forma Revenue By List Size

List Size


Pro-Forma Revenue


$     0.0759

$             75.92


$     0.0759

$           379.60


$     0.0759

$           759.21


$     0.0759

$       1,898.02


$     0.0759

$       3,796.05


$     0.0759

$       7,592.09


$     0.0759

$     11,388.14


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