[BPFX True Webinar] How Michael Marcus multiplied his account 2,500 fold in 10 years in Forex!

Bruce_Kovner_If_you_dont_work_very_hardMichael Marcus is a great currency trader.  He started his career as a commodity research analyst.


He eventually became a highly successful professional trader.  Most of his profits came from investing in currencies a.k.a. Forex.

Michael Marcus started completely naive to investing.  His friend John claimed to understand commodities but wiped out his first $1,000.

Michael decided to try again.  This time his trading capital came from a $3,000 life insurance policy his father had left him.

His mom complained loudly when Michael cashed it in.

He built the $3,000 into $30,000 after applying what he learned from Chester Keltner in the book “How to Make Money in Commodities.”

The Dark Ages

Then he almost lost it all again when he made a big bet on grain fundamentals.  The market locked limit down after Michael took long positions.

He believed so much in the position that he borrowed another $20,000 from his mother.  He lost a crushing amount as a result of his all-or-nothing bet.  He ended the trade with just $8,000 left of his total $50,000.

This started a dark period in his life where he fell into a cycle of borrowing money and consistently losing it.

When Michael Met Ed

Then he met a trading wizard who would become his mentor — MIT trained engineer Ed Seykota.

Even so Michael kept losing.  He wasn’t patient enough to wait for a clearly defined situation.

He kept at it.

He met his second mentor, Amos Hofstetter.  Amos’  wisdom mirrored Ed’s market truths.

This created a positive reinforcing learning loop.

Getting the same things pounded into his head by two different mentors gradually changed the thinking of Michael Marcus.  He became more patient in his trading.

He grew $700 into $12,000 in just a few months trading plywood.  But he was still trading all-or-none positions.

The market collapsed and his $12,000 shrunk to under $4,000.  That was the last time he bet everything on one trade.  Nonetheless the emotional pain drove him to take thorazine.

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The Curious Case of the Currency Trading Computer Programmer

Do you believe that it is impossible for the little guy to beat the markets?  In the next message I will reveal the story of a 9 to 5 computer programmer who made himself rich trading forex.

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